Our Projects

Members of the Centre for Northern Studies are some of Lakehead University's best researchers and are involved in a number of individual and collaborative research projects (see the Our People section).

Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic

Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic is a new SSHRC funded research network that brings together researchers from a broad range of disciplines and organizations representing communities, government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations to conduct and mobilize research aimed at the sustainable development of Arctic natural resources. Specifically, the network seeks the most effective and viable ways of developing the region’s natural resources in a manner that will improve the health and well-being of Canada’s northern communities, and Canadians in general, while preserving the region’s unique environment.

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Photovoice and Photo-History: Visualizing Climate Change from First Nations Perspectives

A SSHRC funded study utilizing photovoice and photohistory techniques to gain a greater understanding of the impacts of climate changes on the distribution of culturally significant plants and animals and on subsistence practices and everyday life in the Hudson Bay Lowlands and James Bay region.

Team: Raynald Lemelin (PI); Michel S. Beaulieu, Martha Dowsley; Elaine Wiersma
Partners: MooCree and Moose Factory First Nation

Industrial Development and Shifting Economies in Northern and Remote Communities in a Globalized World

"Industrial Development and Shifting Economies in Northern and Remote Communities in a Globalized World" is a joint research working group of the Thunder Bay Branch of the Canadian International Council and members of the Centre for Northern Studies.  The group’s various programs of research addresses current challenges of shifting economies in regions throughout the world characterized by single industry resource development. Working with international partners, the working group fosters research on  globalization and its impact on Northern and remote communities. Funded by SSHRC, AUCC-IDRC.

Team: Ronald Harpelle (PI); Michel S. Beaulieu; Chris Southcott: Diego Piniero: Hanna Snellman
Partners: Canadian International Council - Thunder Bay Branch

Polar Bear Migration in the Fort Severn First Nation Territory (2008-2010)

Research Team: H. Lemelin, M. Dowsley
Partners and Funding: Keewaytinook Okimakanak Research Institute (KORI); Fort Severn First Nation; Environment Canada Aboriginal Critical Habitat Protection Fund and Aboriginal Capacity Building Fund

Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada

This network is part of a national research program headed by long-time CNS member Chris Southcott and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) with six regional networks and a national centre and facilitator - the Canadian Social Economy Hub . This node serves as the social economy research sector for Northern Canada. It is built around the three Northern Territorial Colleges and their respective research institutions and links researchers working in the North with Northern students, community organizations, and educational institutions. The network involves a number of University partners providing research expertise and direction for the 4 main research themes of the program. Each territory will be a sub-node of the network. In addition to research seeking to conceptualize and inventory the social economy in the North, the network will investigate the particular relationships that exist between social economy and indigenous cultures, resource regimes, and the state.

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